Tips for Searching for Off-Campus Housing

Off Campus Pads Apartments

Off Campus Pads has some great tips for you to utilize when trying to location the best apartment that fits everyone’s needs. It is extremely important to remain organized with the process especially if you have roommates so every one is on the same page when it come to selecting an apartments and completing the paperwork. Finding your own place should be fun and exciting and these tips could help you in avoiding any issues with finding a place to live.

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A Quick Guide to Renter’s Insurance

Renters Insurance Guide
“If you plan for the worst than all the surprises in life will be pleasant ones.”

This quote succinctly details the theory and value of renter’s insurance. The prospect of finding and paying for insurance may be quite daunting for a student. This is true even if you have handled insurance payments in the past. Here’s a quick guide to renter’s insurance to make sure you’re on track to getting your belongings covered.

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