Off-Campus Living in Fort Hill

fort hill off campus living

College is an incredible time, and for many of us, it brings on a suite of new experiences, ideas, and circumstances. For some, it represents their first time living on their own, with all the challenges and opportunities that come with the territory. To get the best look at the ins and outs of living off-campus in Boston, we’re talking with students and graduates to better understand the day-to-day reality of living off-campus. So if you’ve been curious about getting a place off-campus in Boston – and particularly in the Fort Hill district of Roxbury – then read on.

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Off-Campus Living in Allston, Boston

off campus living allston

It’s no secret that Allston is a popular destination for people from all across the Greater Boston area, particularly for students. Neighboring universities provide the zip code with plenty of students who’ve made the decision to live off-campus, and choose Allston for their time at school. Allston has plenty to offer to renters and homeowners of virtually any persuasion: but what special appeal does it hold for students living off-campus? We looked past the hip bubble tea shops and live music venues to find real students – both currently enrolled, and recently graduated – to share their experiences with living off-campus in Allston, Boston.

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Off-Campus Living in Brookline, MA

It practically goes without saying, but any list of college towns would be incomplete without mentioning Boston. With some of the most prestigious, recognizable, and respected schools not just in Massachusetts, not just in the United States, but in the entire world, Greater Boston stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

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Off-Campus Living in Mission Hill, Boston

off campus living mission hill

Every year, students from all over Greater Boston choose to live off-campus while attending college. We’re interviewing students, as well as graduates, who decided to live off-campus while attending school in Boston. Mission Hill has always been a popular destination for students, so we wanted to hear about it for ourselves.

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Off-Campus Living in Symphony, Boston

off campus living symphony

Whether you’re heading off to school, or gearing up for another year of higher education, the decision to live in dorms, or live off-campus is one that deserves some closer thought. We’ve interviewed a range of students – current, former, and graduates – from across the greater Boston metropolis, trying to get a closer look at the experience of living off-campus while attending college in Boston or the surrounding area. It’s our hope that these interviews illuminate what it’s like to live off-campus in Symphony, and other neighborhoods in Greater Boston.

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Best Food in Somerville

best food in somerville ma

Somerville’s renaissance is in full swing and nothing exemplifies that better than its thriving food scene. Centered around – but by no means confined to – Union Square, Somerville has become a full-fledged diner’s destination, attracting foodies from far beyond its borders, eager to taste the truth for themselves. While there are too many to list them all, here’s a quick sampler platter of the best restaurants in Somerville, MA. Bronwyn

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Off-Campus Living in Medford, MA

Life in a dorm room isn’t for everyone. And even if it’s a good start to your college experience, many students hit a point in their lives when it simply makes more sense to start living on their own. Living off-campus in Medford is an enticing prospect for many students, especially for those who attend Tufts University. It’s been well documented that living off campus can save you significant monies and have your own private room instead of sharing a cramped dorm room. We’re talking to students all across Greater Boston who’ve made the choice to live off-campus, in hopes that shining a light on their experiences helps other students to make informed decisions about where they want to live during their college years.

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Off Campus Living in Somerville, MA

With one foot in Somerville and the other in Medford, Tufts University has a great relationship with its twin homes. Which is good, considering how many Tufts students opt to live off-campus rather than in dormitories. If you’re thinking of living off-campus in Somerville, MA while attending Tufts, read on: we’re talking to students all across Greater Boston who’ve made the choice to live off-campus. We hope that by sharing their experiences, current or prospective students who are considering off-campus housing in Somerville will be able to make an informed, educated decision. With that said, let’s get to it!

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Best Things to do in Medford, MA in the Fall

top fall activities in Medford ma

There’s nothing quite like Medford in autumn. The trees changing their leaves, the crisp east coast breeze – perfect for spending time outdoors with your favorite hot beverage – it’s a wonderful time of year across Greater Boston. So if you’re looking for fun things to do in Medford during fall, we’ve gathered up some of our favorites. Depending on your schedule, you can combine one or more of these activities to make a memorable weekend trip, or work through the list across the autumn months, checking them off as you go.

However you go about it, here are some of the best things to do in Medford, MA in the fall.

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