7 Tips for Improving Wi-Fi Connection in Your Apartment

Picture this: you’re all moved into your new apartment that you’ve been excited about for months. You cozy up with a blanket and begin to type in the search bar shopping for décor for your new pad. Finally, your results begin loading and the page states… “poor wi-fi connection.” Having wi-fi trouble can cause stress when it comes to writing papers, connecting with friends and family on social media and watching your favorite shows. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve wi-fi connection in your apartment! Read below for our tips.

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Things to do in Boston that offer Student Discounts

 Boston MA City Student Discounts

Many college and university students in Boston are new to the city. Some have lived here their whole lives, but love it so much, they decided to stay. However well you know Boston, there is always more of it to explore. Once you are settled into your Boston off-campus housing, check out these things to do in Boston that are a bargain for students!

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What Is A Guarantor and Do I Need One?

Off Campus Apartment Tips

Many people who are looking for student housing in Boston are also getting ready to sign their first lease. At Off-Campus Pads, we understand that the whole process can be overwhelming. Boston is a huge city, with tons of off-campus housing options to consider, and there are a lot of factors that go into planning for your new apartment. That is why Off-Campus Pads includes a comprehensive guide to parents and co-signers in our Resources section. Here is a guide to guarantors – or co-signers – from the student perspective.

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