Best Things to do in Medford, MA in the Fall

top fall activities in Medford ma

There’s nothing quite like Medford in autumn. The trees changing their leaves, the crisp east coast breeze – perfect for spending time outdoors with your favorite hot beverage – it’s a wonderful time of year across Greater Boston. So if you’re looking for fun things to do in Medford during fall, we’ve gathered up some of our favorites. Depending on your schedule, you can combine one or more of these activities to make a memorable weekend trip, or work through the list across the autumn months, checking them off as you go.

However you go about it, here are some of the best things to do in Medford, MA in the fall.

Take in Fall at the Fells

Middlesex Falls Reservation is gorgeous year-round, but autumn brings a majestic glow to the Fells. Established in 1893, the 2,200-plus acre reservation is arguably the best park in Greater Boston, and holds a special place in Medford residents’ hearts. Architect Charles Eliot, who laid out the boundaries for what became the Fells, famously said that humanity’s history clearly shows that in order to live in health and happiness, crowded populations need space for air, light, exercise, rest, and to enjoy the peaceful beauty of nature.

And the Fells certainly provides all of the above. Here’s a couple of the best ways to experience fall in Medford at Middlesex Fells reservation.

Live the Life Aquatic at Spot Pond

The crisp autumn air, the array of changing leaves. Exploring Spot Pond via rented kayak or canoe is always a good time, but if you’re looking for the best way to see fall colors in Medford, it’s hard to beat the view from a small boat. And besides, the ice and snow that winter eventually brings will render the pond inaccessable until spring comes ’round. So as they say, get in while the getting’s good.

Get Lost in a Trail or Two

While offers downloadable trail maps, there is a certain magical quality to wandering at your own pace through the Fells’ wooded trails. Take an afternoon and clear your schedule, and allow yourself the time to drink in the rich colors of the changing foliage at your own pace.

Head up to Wright’s Tower

If you’ve ever noticed the stone tower peeking above the treeline on the west side of I-93, and thought “I bet the view is great from up there?” Well, you were right: it’s fantastic. What you might not have realized, however, is that the hill it sits on is part of the Fells, and there are multiple trails leading up to the 243-foot high Pine Hill.

If you find yourself wondering, “how do I get up to Wright’s Tower?” worry not: you aren’t alone. suggests that the best way to get to Wright’s Tower is via trails accessible from parking lots on South Border Road. In particular, the Bellevue Pond pull-off is singled out as a route that will get you where you want to go. The journey isn’t always straightforward, but the reward is unquestionably worth it: once you take in the view from the hill, it’s all worth it. Overlooking the Fells (and I-93 to boot), the view from the hill is arguably the best place in Medford to see fall leaves.

Head Out to a Farm or Two

Whether you’re picking the last crops of apples, selecting carving pumpkins out of a patch, or just heading out on a hayride, taking a trip to a nearby farm can be a fantastic fall activity. While you won’t find any within Medford city limits, farms in nearby South Natick, Stow, and Harvard offer a selection of harvest-season activities for all ages. From pumpkin and cider donuts to wine and craft beer tastings, there are plenty of tasty reasons to head into the countryside proper. Some, like Harvard’s Westward Orchards, even have live bluegrass music on the weekend.

Explore Greater Boston’s History

Living in the greater Boston metropolis means standing shoulder-to-shoulder with American history. And whether the many historical sites around Medford are old friends, or it’s your first time visiting the many different historical sites near Medford, MA, autumn is the perfect time of year to connect with history.

Swing by the Medford Historical Society & Museum

Curious about the city’s history? Every Sunday from noon to 4 p.m., the Medford Historical Society & Museum’s open hours offer a look into Medford’s rich history through maps, works of art, military artifacts, photographs, and more. The society also holds events in the fall, such as the Hikes Through History series, following trails through favorite 19th and 20th century destinations, and history talks.

Visit the Salem Witch Museum

While it’s not in Medford, autumn – and October in particular – is a fantastic time to head out to Salem for some educational, spooky fun.

An Awesome Autumn

These ideas are just scratching the surface. From shopping, to hunting for the best coffee shops and cafes in Medford, to catching sports with friends, family, and neighbors, to the simple joys of fresh cider, squash dishes – and yes, pumpkin-flavored everything – out on your porch, balcony, or at one of Medford’s great picnic spots.

However you choose to spend the season, just remember to spend some time outside in the crisp, Medford autumn air, watching the leaves’ slow dance of changing colors.

What do you think? Do you have an idea for things to do in Medford, MA in the fall that we didn’t get to? Want to chime in about things to do Medford, or things to do in Greater Boston that we just didn’t have room to cover? Or maybe you’ve got an awesome story of your favorite Medford fall activities. Either way, sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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