Household tools you will need for an Off-Campus Apartment

Household Tools for Off Campus Apartment

An old piece of collegiate wisdom is it’s “better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.” Well, when it comes to living off campus there are some definite needs that you may not have. We’ve got you covered. Unless you’ve lived on your own and maintained a residence on your own you may not be sure of what handy tools you will need:

1) Hammer + Nails – The classic carpentry couple. Whether it’s hanging pictures, curtain rods, or light fixtures you’ll be sure to need a hammer and some nails.

2) Screwdriver + Screws – Both the Phillip’s head and flat head screwdrivers will be necessary. These and some sturdy screws may be all that stands between a tile floor and your hundred dollar stereo system so make sure you have all the tools to get the job done right.

3) Measuring Tape – You do NOT want to be the person that bought a 6 foot long curtain rod two place over two 4.5 foot wide windows. It’ll also be hard to get that queen size bed into your room if there isn’t enough room to put it lengthwise in the entire area. Trust us on this one, the old eyeball doesn’t measure up when it comes to spatial relationships. Get the measuring tape.

4) Plunger – Rudimentary. Slightly disgusting. Absolutely necessary. The only feeling worse than clogging a friend or stranger’s toilet is having someone clog yours without a plunger ready. This is a must-have apartment tool otherwise you’ll be left more than gulping when your toilet or sink becomes clogged.

5) Toilet Paper – Okay, so maybe this one isn’t strictly a tool. But still, don’t ever run out. There’s no such thing as an app on your phone for toilet paper.

As a bonus tip, it’s important for any new resident to know where the circuit breaker box is in their house or apartment. Make sure you know how to find it, get into it, and how to switch off the necessary circuits in case of an emergency. This is one of the important aspects of living off campus.

As long as you have the bare necessities you should be ready for all the basic day-to-day, week-to-week occurrences. Just ensure your toolbox is well-stocked and ready in case you need it. Changing a light bulb or hanging a picture of the family should never be a major hassle so make sure you already have everything you need.

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