Tips for Dividing Chores among Roommates

Moving into a new place is super exciting and can feel like a new beginning. Living with roommates can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot work. Cleaning is one of those tasks that can be difficult to get everyone to contribute to equally. Read below for our tips on how to make dividing chores among roommates a less stressful situation!

Have a Meeting to Discuss what “Clean” is:

To some tenants, being able to see the floor of their bedroom is an accomplishment. For others, having anything slightly out of place can cause major issues. Having a sit-down meeting right after moving in can create a lot less trouble and disagreement down the road. Have each of your roommates go over their personal definition of clean, and try to get on the same page when it comes to the ideal state of the apartment.

Create a List:

Chores can seem overwhelming at first when you take the time to list them out. Making a list divided by room can make the tasks seem much more manageable. As a bonus, try to get the list to amount to be equally divisible by number of roommates! You could also divide and conquer—assign one roommate to the kitchen, one to the bathroom, etc.

Make a Calendar:

Get a calendar, mark it with the day each chore is to be completed and STICK TO IT! If you have a specific schedule, chores are much more likely to be completed on time. This also serves as a friendly reminder to your roommates when it is their day. Saying something like “Hey, just reminding you it’s Thursday, which means trash day” can go a long way without making someone feel like you are singling them out.

Shop for Cleaning Supplies Together:

Splitting tasks should mean splitting costs as well. Cleaning products can add up in price, so each roommate chipping in will make the total cost much more manageable. Going shopping together can serve as a bonding experience and it can ensure you all agree on what to buy. Make sure to sign up for notifications and newsletters on local deals and coupons!

Celebrate Completing Chores:

When chores are completed, make sure to all give each other a pat on the back! Ordering some pizza and watching a movie together can keep morale up and will make roommates more likely to complete their assigned tasks.

Be Open and Honest:

If you are unhappy with the way one of your roommates is cleaning or they have not been doing it at all, bring this up in a discussion early on. By getting it out in the open right away, your anger will not overwhelm you and reach a boiling point. Your roommates will be much more likely to contribute to the cleanliness of the apartment if they are approached in a respectful manner. Additionally, you do not need to only bring up cleaning to roommates if it is something negative. If your roommates are doing a great job and holding themselves accountable, let them know you appreciate it! When moving in with roommates, be sure to consider these cleaning tips to get the most out of your space!

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